Product Care

1. When leather goods are not used for a long time, desiccant can be placed in the leather goods, sealed with plastic bags, and placed in a cool place.

2. It is recommended to avoid direct contact with sharp objects or rubbing the leather surface to prevent scratches.

3. Electroplating metal will react with chemicals, causing the metal surface to lose its luster. It is recommended to avoid contact between the hardware and acid and alkaline liquids, alcohol, oil stains, etc.

4. The hardware of the product is gilded and frosted, and the slight traces during use belong to natural wear and tear.

5. When cleaning leather goods, please wipe gently with a light-colored dry cloth, do not store in direct contact with other leather goods, and avoid mutual staining

6. If you use leather cleaners to wipe leather bags, do not use shoe polish! Generally, the lens cloth for glasses is the best, it will not scratch your beloved bag, and even smearing can make the bag shine again. Bi Livzon can be used as both a conditioner and a stain remover; olive oil can also be used as one of the good choices for purse maintenance.