Free shipping?

We offer international shipping worldwide. Free worldwide shipping, no geographic restrictions, and no minimum purchase requirements.

When will the order be shipped?

After receiving your order, our warehouse management staff will process the purchase information in a period of three days, and within one working day, that is, seven days, we will send your order out.


How do I get my courier tracking number?

After you have purchased the goods, there will be a logistics information notice below the link, you can learn your express logistics information from the above, and after the express has been issued and obtained the tracking number, your express tracking number will be displayed on it.


Do I need to pay international customs duties?

Duties and charges are the responsibility of the recipient. Generally, the CIF value based on the transaction value approved by the customs is the customs duty-paid value, and the customs set up in each country levies different taxes on imported exports.


Can I change or cancel my order?

After receiving the customer's order, we will process the order in the fastest time. It is ok if the customer asks to cancel the order before our order is completed. But the order has been completed and is on its way, we will not be able to cancel the order and require a regular return process. If you want to cancel or modify the order, you can send us an email at dreabasaa2015@gmail.com or ig private message as soon as possible. Our staff will reply within the stipulated working hours.